Friday, 21 June 2013

Information Report

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard in the world. They live on the islands of Indonesia.  It is called a ‘dragon’ because of the way it looks like a dragon.  It is a fascinating animal because it kind of looks like a tuatara. 

Komodo dragons like to eat buffalos and can eat animals that are ten times their size.  They kill by using their venomous bite and just one bite can kill a fully grown buffalo.  The Komodo Dragon’s spit can be dirtier than a sewer.  When they have bitten their prey, they follow them and wait for them to die before eating them.  The biggest dragon gets the biggest share of the food. 

The Komodo dragon is the biggest type of lizard in the world.  They are dark green with lots of scales on it.  The scales would be perfect on a wall because they would make nice wallpaper.  However, doing this would kill the komodo dragon (and probably the human trying to get the scales too because the komodo dragon would most probably bite the human trying to do it, which would kill them within 24 hours!) They can get up to 10 feet long! 

The komodo dragon is endangered for a couple of reasons.  Sometimes they fight with other komodo dragons and get poisoned by the other animal’s bite.  They are hunted by humans, suffer from habitat loss and find that they have less to eat.

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