Friday, 7 November 2014

oakland's school

Oakland's school was opened in 1964, Mister Andrew Anderson was the first principal of Oakland's school  The school had 9 teachers, 240 students and 7 classes. But now in 2014 there are 27 teachers , 580 students and 25 classes. The principal today is called Mrs Trotter.

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Green Moon's Curse [100wc Week 8]

Once upon a time in a forest like no other... there was a man, but this was no ordinary man. He was a cursed man. Every day and every night he transformed into a dark man, except for the night of the green moon.
The green moon only appears every 5000 years.
When the night of the green moon struck the earth the dark man was awoken. The dark man was dressed in a black, draping cloak. Every green moon he came into children's houses, and gave the children big presents, and then returned back to his lifeless forest pose.

Friday, 26 September 2014

The Island of Death

Two years ago I was trapped on a deserted island, let me tell you about it. I was on a mission to find life around different parts of the globe. My helicopter crashed. I was the only one to survive.

I looked around the deathly islands all I saw was a terrifying jungle with blood scattered over the trees and on the ground. I found a dusty, moss covered house made of bricks and wood, on the shore line next to the jungle entrance.  It pulled me into it like there was some sort of mega magnet in it.

I entered with caution. I was trembling in fear. It was becoming darker as night was falling.  I fell asleep in front of a shoe cupboard.  I woke up with a loud crashing on the door.

I was shaking in fear, I was sure I had seen the door knob turn. I hid behind the smelly shoe cupboard prepared with my loaded assault rifle. A menacing image came through the door, holding a chainsaw. He wore a hockey mask to hide his face.  There was blood dripping down his right arm.

I popped out from behind the shoe cupboard and blew his face off with my assault rifle.

"On an island far, far away I was trapped and that was what happened, Lizard," I explained.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


O: ordinary oaklands

A: a great community

K: kauri team excellence

L: little lamb learner

A: activating knowledge

N: knowing how to care

D: daily learning

S: students learning

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Synonym diamante poem


Friday, 4 July 2014


In the holidays my town hall will be level 6 and I will be able to get a new wizard tower.....Yay in clash of clans......Me and my mum are going to have a run around west lake park, and I might be able to go over to Jack's house. I will be going to Oscar to to train your dragon 2 in cinema might be going to the cinema to see transformers 4 with my mum, dad, Amelia and William. Today I am having a shared lunch🍔 and I brought a big chocolate muffin it is as big as a chocolate cake🎂

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Joseph 13-6-14

It was a rainy, stormy day and I woke up in a wail of terror,
Standing at the door was surprisingly the death chicken he said cluck cluck mother clucker, I said mum dial 1, 1, 1. The plesiosaurs broke down the wall in front of my face, and I am going have to stay in my grandma's house until my room is fixed. The death chicken killed the plesiosaurs then ran into the wilderness and I never saw the death chicken again.

Next week I will
be making a book called: the dark dog.

Alex is coming over today and I will say this,
One fine day in the middle of the night two dead men got up to fight, back to back they face each other drew their swords and shot each other.
When Alex comes over we will be playing Castle Clash
at my place.
My name is Joseph and my friend is called Alex.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Joseph 6-6-14

Joseph at the museum!!!

Last Thursday we went on a bus trip to the Museum, CBD rebuild tour and the Container Mall. I learnt that that 181people died in the earthquake of February 22nd but no one died in the September 4 earthquake. In the Museum I saw a Moa skeletons they were big, medium and small. I saw Maori people of all sizes. In the old Christchurch street outside the toyshop there is a very creepy lady, if you steer at the lady for to long, then tern around and look back at the lady it looks like she has moved, she is Nurse Maude.
I saw a penny farthing you could sit on it, and a horse that you could also sit on it. It was a fun day in the museum!!!

By Joseph (4-6-14)

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Joseph last week

On Thursday we are going on a bus trip to the museum and a CBD rebuild tour, We have been learning about the early settlers, My topic is Quail Island, and it is where Scott and someone else raced to the North Pole, sadly Scott died.
Our class is going to the Museum to see Maori weapons, and to see the body room it is a game room. They have an old street from early Christchurch with a horse so I might get to sit on it. The CBD. tour it will be fun not boring and I will write about this on Friday.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Joseph 23-5-14

A man was walking his dog in Christchurch when he saw a castle, his dog ran to a dog shop. "No Bobby wait" said Joe. We are going to the castle "woof" said Bobby. "Fine" said Joe and he bought a doggy bone for his dog "mmm"said Bobby. "Now we can go to the castle Bobby" said Joe "woof" said Bobby. It was a very grand and it was a very special "let's go" said Joe. What is that noise nee nor nee nor "it is a police car" said Joe.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Joseph's Writing

16 May
In the park

One afternoon Ashia and her Mum went to the park. Ashia wanted to go on the big slide. Mum shouted, "Wait!" But Ashia ran and started to climb...

A few hours later..... "Ashia  where are you!" said Ashia's Mum oh do please come out. Ashia's Mum heard a noise in the city she saw the big brat it ate Ashia. Ashia's Mum ran into a cave but it wasn't a cave it was a volcano. Oh no!!!!! said Ashia's mum the volcano erupted, everyone and everything did not survive except for Ashia's Mum...........THE END.

Joseph 9-5-14

Once upon a time beyond the rainbow in a world filled with was a dark and stormy night in the unicorn land the unicorn scientists were testing a new invention. It was a super powers making machine it gave the unicorn citizens the power to fly and spread magic fairy dust across the land. Back in the laboratory the invention went horribly wrong..... in the village Jack Robinson was looking at the stars but then Jack heard a noise in the distance. Jack could see it clearly now it was the legendary Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel. Jack screamed and ran into his house then Jack saw the uni kitty commander with his kitty troops and uni magic. The kitty troops got out there magic fairy tanks and aimed at the Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!! The uni magic struck the Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel the menacing creature fell to the earth. The Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel got back up and invaded the unicorn land. then mr mine-craft came to save the day........ two hours later "save me" said mr mine-craft. The Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel was unstoppable "look up in the sky it is super baby" said Jack Robinson. "I will save you"

Joseph 11.4.14

Week  7.4.14

Making friends

I am Joseph Peter Trick and I would like to be your friend today, and would very much like you to join this game of hand ball, Can I get to know you better and can we be friends, Let's care for people and make them happy.

Hi I am Joseph Peter Trick and I am alone could I play with you, if this goes well do you want to go to my house, We could go to the dairy and get ice creams for us.

Hi Jack and Alex my mum just got a new job today at The Warehouse and do you know the song, The Warehouse the Warehouse where everyone gets a bargain? It is awesome right, and my dad is at his job too, Does your dad or mum have a job at the warehouse too?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Camp Photos

I am on the monorail
                                                                                I am on the rocky beach