Friday, 23 May 2014

Joseph 23-5-14

A man was walking his dog in Christchurch when he saw a castle, his dog ran to a dog shop. "No Bobby wait" said Joe. We are going to the castle "woof" said Bobby. "Fine" said Joe and he bought a doggy bone for his dog "mmm"said Bobby. "Now we can go to the castle Bobby" said Joe "woof" said Bobby. It was a very grand and it was a very special "let's go" said Joe. What is that noise nee nor nee nor "it is a police car" said Joe.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Joseph's Writing

16 May
In the park

One afternoon Ashia and her Mum went to the park. Ashia wanted to go on the big slide. Mum shouted, "Wait!" But Ashia ran and started to climb...

A few hours later..... "Ashia  where are you!" said Ashia's Mum oh do please come out. Ashia's Mum heard a noise in the city she saw the big brat it ate Ashia. Ashia's Mum ran into a cave but it wasn't a cave it was a volcano. Oh no!!!!! said Ashia's mum the volcano erupted, everyone and everything did not survive except for Ashia's Mum...........THE END.

Joseph 9-5-14

Once upon a time beyond the rainbow in a world filled with was a dark and stormy night in the unicorn land the unicorn scientists were testing a new invention. It was a super powers making machine it gave the unicorn citizens the power to fly and spread magic fairy dust across the land. Back in the laboratory the invention went horribly wrong..... in the village Jack Robinson was looking at the stars but then Jack heard a noise in the distance. Jack could see it clearly now it was the legendary Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel. Jack screamed and ran into his house then Jack saw the uni kitty commander with his kitty troops and uni magic. The kitty troops got out there magic fairy tanks and aimed at the Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!! The uni magic struck the Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel the menacing creature fell to the earth. The Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel got back up and invaded the unicorn land. then mr mine-craft came to save the day........ two hours later "save me" said mr mine-craft. The Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel was unstoppable "look up in the sky it is super baby" said Jack Robinson. "I will save you"

Joseph 11.4.14

Week  7.4.14

Making friends

I am Joseph Peter Trick and I would like to be your friend today, and would very much like you to join this game of hand ball, Can I get to know you better and can we be friends, Let's care for people and make them happy.

Hi I am Joseph Peter Trick and I am alone could I play with you, if this goes well do you want to go to my house, We could go to the dairy and get ice creams for us.

Hi Jack and Alex my mum just got a new job today at The Warehouse and do you know the song, The Warehouse the Warehouse where everyone gets a bargain? It is awesome right, and my dad is at his job too, Does your dad or mum have a job at the warehouse too?