Friday, 16 May 2014

Joseph 9-5-14

Once upon a time beyond the rainbow in a world filled with was a dark and stormy night in the unicorn land the unicorn scientists were testing a new invention. It was a super powers making machine it gave the unicorn citizens the power to fly and spread magic fairy dust across the land. Back in the laboratory the invention went horribly wrong..... in the village Jack Robinson was looking at the stars but then Jack heard a noise in the distance. Jack could see it clearly now it was the legendary Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel. Jack screamed and ran into his house then Jack saw the uni kitty commander with his kitty troops and uni magic. The kitty troops got out there magic fairy tanks and aimed at the Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!! The uni magic struck the Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel the menacing creature fell to the earth. The Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel got back up and invaded the unicorn land. then mr mine-craft came to save the day........ two hours later "save me" said mr mine-craft. The Man-eating Rabbit Squirrel was unstoppable "look up in the sky it is super baby" said Jack Robinson. "I will save you"

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