Friday, 13 June 2014

Joseph 13-6-14

It was a rainy, stormy day and I woke up in a wail of terror,
Standing at the door was surprisingly the death chicken he said cluck cluck mother clucker, I said mum dial 1, 1, 1. The plesiosaurs broke down the wall in front of my face, and I am going have to stay in my grandma's house until my room is fixed. The death chicken killed the plesiosaurs then ran into the wilderness and I never saw the death chicken again.

Next week I will
be making a book called: the dark dog.

Alex is coming over today and I will say this,
One fine day in the middle of the night two dead men got up to fight, back to back they face each other drew their swords and shot each other.
When Alex comes over we will be playing Castle Clash
at my place.
My name is Joseph and my friend is called Alex.

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