Friday, 6 June 2014

Joseph 6-6-14

Joseph at the museum!!!

Last Thursday we went on a bus trip to the Museum, CBD rebuild tour and the Container Mall. I learnt that that 181people died in the earthquake of February 22nd but no one died in the September 4 earthquake. In the Museum I saw a Moa skeletons they were big, medium and small. I saw Maori people of all sizes. In the old Christchurch street outside the toyshop there is a very creepy lady, if you steer at the lady for to long, then tern around and look back at the lady it looks like she has moved, she is Nurse Maude.
I saw a penny farthing you could sit on it, and a horse that you could also sit on it. It was a fun day in the museum!!!

By Joseph (4-6-14)

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