Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The homeless man how live

   The homeless man who lived
Hey! Buddy, Hobo Joe woke up with a wonky and strange looking man standing at his feet, no one had never stopped to give him anything before. Hobo Joe was intrigued that someone could actually be like this. The man introduced himself, he said his name was Peter. He said he was new around here and he did not have much money, but he could get Hobo Joe some food and water. Peter gave Hobo Joe a $10 note and left. He said that he would be back tomorrow. The next day Peter came back with a plate with food on it, a gigantic turkey and some juicy and crunchy apples. Hobo Joe said his pleases and thank yous, Peter then left and never came back…

                     The Hobo’s life after Peter
Hobo Joe’s life after was extremely miserable. He went down a dark path with robbing and begging for money on the side of the street. One of his most devastating robberies that landed him in prison was when he robbed the White House. Hobo Joe was stuck in prison for a couple of years and in those years he was integrated a lot. He eventually spilt the beans. When got out he didn’t know how to handle the freedom and he had no idea what to do with his life. So he just went back to what a homeless man does best, living on a street and begging and begging for money all day long. Until one day when his life turned around and he was offered a job at Mcdonald's.
                   The turn around
A couple of extraordinary years past and Hobo Joe took on his real name Thomas Wayne father of Bruce Wayne. Thomas is now in his 40s and owns one of the world's biggest companies ever Wayne Enterprises also known as Wayne Tech. Thomas, his wife Martha Wayne and his son all live in a manchun. But when Thomas and his wife and son are coming home they are greeted by a dark and shadowy figure at the end of the alleyway it was peter standing with a gun and pulled the trigger Bruce was the only Wayne left Thomas and Martha Wayne were dead. A few years past bruce owned Wayne Enterprises and went on to became the Batman…

By Joseph Trick
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